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About Big Cove Christian Academy

Shortly after the charter organization of the Huntsville Central Seventh-day Adventist Church, a foremost concern of the members was to establish a school for their children.  In the fall of 1957, the Audubon Heights Church School opened with Ms. Laura Barnes as its first teacher.  By 1979, the school needed a larger facility.  The Audubon Heights property was sold and a county school was purchased in the Big Cove area.  The name of the school was changed to Big Cove Junior Academy.  The facility was dedicated, debt-free, in the fall of 1980. Each year, students at Big Cove Christian Academy enjoy the benefits of a low student-to-teacher ratio while receiving a quality Christian education.

The educational program at Big Cove Christian Academy is predicated on the belief that each student is unique and of inestimable value, and on the importance of the development of the whole person. Students are taught to accept service as a way of life, to be sensitive to the needs of people in the home and society, and to become active members in the church.

The primary aim of Big Cove Christian Academy is to provide opportunity for students to accept Christ as their Savior, to allow the Holy Spirit to transform their lives, and to fulfill the commission of preaching the gospel to all the world.

About Seventh-day Adventist Schools

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America operates a system of elementary and secondary education that began in 1872. The church’s unique philosophy of Christian education is based on the Scriptures and the writings of Ellen G. White. All children and youth have been entrusted by the church to the education system for spiritual nurture and educational excellence.

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Hear from administrators, teachers, parents, and students about the quality academics, strong curriculum, and integrated spiritual and moral content of our school.