Big Cove Christian Academy

Home & School

Home & School allows for parents and families to support the students of our school in many different ways.  Please visit our calendar to see what programs and events are scheduled.


At Big Cove Christian Academy, our focus is the whole child - to help them grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. To accomplish this goal, the parents are encourage to work with the school in every way possible. The Home & School Association is an avenue that provides opportunities for parents to be involved with Big Cove Christian Academy.

These opportunities include fund-raising to purchase equipment such as computers and playground equipment, as well as needed items for the classrooms. The major fund-raiser is the sale of "Enjoy the City" coupon books, which raises about $2000 each year.  Other fund raising opportunities that parents can partipicate in are:

  • Publix Partners for Education
  • Target's Take Charge of Education
  • General Mills Boxtops for Education

Home & School also provides activites that give parents the chance to meet and get to know other parents, the school board members and the teachers. These events include:

  • Welcome Potluck
  • Thanksgiving Breakfast
  • Christmas Program
  • Spring Picnic

Home & School also organizes the Teacher Appreciation Week,.

Maggie Navarro is the Home & School Leader.