Big Cove Christian Academy

Our Teachers
Nancy Price, Grades K-2
Mrs. Price has been teaching at BCCA for six years. In her years as a teacher, she has taught at schools in three states: Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky. She and her husband Wayne have been married for over twenty years. Some of her hobbies include reading, traveling, and trying new recipes. Mrs. Price earned her teaching degree at Southern Adventist University.

Supply List for Grades K-2

Sherry Daily, Grades 3-6
     Mrs. Daily brings with her nearly 30 years of teaching experience in multi-grade classrooms for the Adventist Church. She has taught mostly in North Carolina, She is a graduate of Southern Adventist University. Mrs. Daily met her husband, Richard, when she was his son’s third grade teacher in Salisbury, North Carolina.  Mr. Daily, who is now retired, was the business manager for Daily Manufacturing Inc., a company that produces vitamins and food supplements.  They have two grown children, Amanda Demsky, a dental hygienist in the Ashville, North Carolina area and Michael Daily, a marketing accounts manager for Shaw Carpets in Kennesaw, Georgia. 
     The Daily’s are both committed to Adventist Education.  They have seen the impact it makes in the life of families in leading others to Jesus.  Studies have shown that when children have a strong spiritual life at home, at church (by being involved in Sabbath School, Adventurers, Pathfinders) and at Adventist schools, these students have a 99% chance they will remain life-long Adventist.

Supply List for Grades 3-6

Philip Mitchell, Principal and Grades 7-9
     Mr. Mitchell is celebrating twenty years of marriage this December with his wife, Sonatina. Their two children, Bethany and Marcus, are students at BCCA. Mr. Mitchell first came to teach at BCCA in 2002, serving as the upper grades teacher for seven years. During a four-year leave of absence to earn a Master of Arts in Spanish, he remained involved on the BCCA Board and continued to serve as coordinator for the annual upper grade mission trip. He returned to the upper grade classroom three years ago, and became BCCA Principal last year.
     "In this educational ministry, I'm grateful for the opportunity I have every day to mentor students spiritually, academically, and socially. I enjoy the challenge of discovering how to encourage and support each student's individual needs in his or her quest for excellence. I'm glad I can incorporate many of my hobbies into my teaching. As a music lover, I enjoy teaching our choir and chimes program. It is very rewarding to be able to participate with the students when we lead songs or present special programs at church. As an avid nature lover, I enjoy including less traditional PE units like canoeing and biking alongside more traditional sports units like basketball and volleyball. As a disciple of Jesus, I'm blessed to work with the students during Bible class, on service projects, and mission trips."