Big Cove Christian Academy

Premature Balding?
By Jake VanBeukering


Jake is an 8th-grader at Big Cove Christian Academy who enjoys football, basketball, ice hockey, and his many pets. After high school he plans to study for youth ministry or medicine.
In October of 2015, Brendan Farrow, my 13-year-old friend and classmate at Big Cove Christian Academy, was diagnosed with periosteal osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer rarely found in children. The cancer is located in his shin and has grown to be a tumor the size of a baseball.
            When Brendan found out he had cancer, it was a hard punch in the gut. Just think about it! A young teenager losing his hair, having to endure months of chemo treatments, and possibly even losing his leg! Not fun. I don’t see how children younger than him or even adults endure cancer treatment. Hats off to them.
            Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee is where Brendan is currently being treated. The treatment center and the community have been very good to Brendan. The treatment has been successful so far and they are giving him a bunch of free stuff! When they heard that Brendan was a big Nashville Predators hockey team fan, they got him box seats behind the goal to the Anaheim Ducks game. They gave him 6 tickets so he was able to invite some friends (Ethan Watts, Cody Seiber, Josh Davis and me).
            The game was great! Two players almost immediately got in a fight. The Predators player, Mike Fisher, made quick work of the opposing player and the game moved on without much delay. Through out the game, the Preds scored some pretty impressive slap shots. They outplayed the Ducks and were able to pull away with a 3-2 victory. After the game ended, we were able to go down to the Predator locker room! They talked to us and signed our stuff. It was insanely cool.
            Later after the game, I decided that I wanted to do something to support Brendan. I thought about shaving my head so we could be baldies together, but I was hesitant. The next day at school I talked to my friends Josh and Cody about it and they jumped on board. We asked our teacher Mr. Mitchell if he would use his clippers and do it. He agreed, but checked with our parents first. They said yes so we went out to the gym and he shaved our heads! When Brendan saw us, he was surprised but glad to know we had his back.
For more information about Brendan, you may visit his website at

Brendan (wearing a cap) with his friends at the Nashville Predators game.

Brendan, who still has hair, with his friends, who don’t.